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Swimming Pool Safety

When you have a swimming pool at your home it is extremely important that you consider all the safety precautions to ensure no accidents occur.  Some of these include servicing your pool regularly, installing a pool fence and getting your children enrolled in swimming lessons.

Swimming Pool Servicing

Regular servicing for your pools is essential in order to make the water safe to swim in.  You can either get your local pool shop to service your pool for you or you can choose to just buy the pool chemicals and products required and service your swimming pool yourself.  If you are servicing your pool yourself, you will need to regularly clean it from any dirt, leaves and debris that may collect in the pool water. You will also need to ensure the chemical balance of your water is correct as this is critical for sanitisation and swimmer comfort. 

Swimming Pool Fences

A fence is a must when you own a swimming pool that holds a depth of 300mm or more.  You will need to get a building permit before you do this.  There is a variety of different style of fences that you can choose from and they may be made from steel, aluminium or glass.  The fence needs to be at least 1.2 metres high, has a self-closing self-latching gate that is more than 1.5 metres high.  The vertical bars need to be no more than 100 millimetres apart and the horizontal bards 900 millimetres apart.

Even though you have a fence around your pool as a barrier to your pool, it is extremely important that the fences are used correctly, that is keeping the gate shut, making sure the latch is always working properly, ensuring no items can be used to climb over the fence.  Adult supervision is also essential at all times. 

Swimming Lessons

If you own a pool, it is particularly important to put your children into swimming lessons even as babies.  The swimming lessons will teach the children the skills to not panic if they fell into the water, to automatically turn around and grab the side of the pool and hold on until help comes.  As they progress they will also learn to float in the water, swim different styles, pick up an object from the bottom of the pool and a whole lot more. 

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