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[CLOSE]Benefits of Hiring a Pool Service

A swimming pool is a basic luxury that most Brisbane homeowners love to have. You can also find large swimming pools in hotels and community areas such as Kenmore. In order to enjoy this luxury without any health hazards, it is necessary to keep them clean at all times. Hiring a professional Brisbane pool cleaning company will ensure you maintain a healthy swimming pool.

With regular usage, swimming pools can get contaminated either by users or by certain external factors such as leaves, twigs, debris, bird droppings, mud, dead insects, bacteria and so on. Regular check ups by a pool service such as from WaterWorld Pool Shop Kenmore and pool chemicals from Brisbane can ensure excellent conditions in your swimming pool. You can expect a thorough cleaning from the professionals as they have necessary experience, equipment and are aware of all dangers during the cleaning operation.

The routine pool cleaning service provided by Brisbane pool companies involves various important jobs. The floor, walls and steps are brushed, the surface is skimmed and vacuumed and debris is also removed from the baskets and filters. Water that is lost to evaporation is again refilled to the appropriate level.

Pool cleaning services also test the water and add right amounts of chlorine and various other solutions for achieving correct alkaline and acid balance. This helps in destroying bacteria and algae and also prevents any mineral build up.

The water in swimming pools is treated with chemicals that kill germs and bacteria. Professionals from Brisbane pool cleaning services mix them in the right proportion, and they use only bio-degradable and harmless chemicals to ensure the safety of users. Wrong use of chemicals by DIY enthusiasts can also trigger allergies. Therefore, this cleaning work should always be left to a pool service such as WaterWorld Pool Shop Kenmore.

Having swimming pools serviced by professionals can be highly cost-effective. Pool cleaning companies also carry out inspection of pool pumps. They clean filters and other equipment used in water filtration. This helps in filtering the contaminated water to keep it clean. They also carry out minor repairs and maintenance as necessary to keep them in proper working order. This helps in reversing any damage due to normal wear and tear, and also extends the life of expensive equipment.

Swimming pools are also checked for broken tiles or leakages that can be harmful. Either Brisbane residential swimming pools or community swimming pool facilities that are used by large number of users, frequent servicing is the best option.

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WaterWorld not only offers pool supplies and pool products, we are also experts in pool maintenance.  So if your pool is in need of professional and reliable care at competitive prices, contact us today.

Our pool maintenance service offers:

  • regular or
  • one off pool maintenance to suit your needs.

This includes checking pool equipment and water balance.

For more information on these services, please Contact Us.


We have a range of further information about pool services and chemicals available.


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